Videoblog - 3 reasons why I am starting my own podcast

Videoblog – 3 reasons why I am starting my own podcast

Today’s video blog is about podcasting. I am going to start my own podcasting channel. Why? Because podcasting is one of the hot social media trends these days. In every trends list of 2015 podcasting shows up as one of the key trends. Another reason is that podcasting has a great spinoff to additional content. You can add a blog to your podcast (usually called show notes), you can turn your podcast into a video and there are plenty of places where you can share your podcast. On top of that, podcasts are easily available to download nowadays. Iphone comes standard with a podcast app. And it is easy to download as an app on other smartphones.

When you start podcasting its very important to think about the quality of the sound. Invest a bit of money on a quality mic and you will notice an immediate difference. A really good investment is to buy Rode’s Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone. The quality is amazing and it allows you to record your podcasts anywhere. Also think about the software you are using. Garageband or Audacity are really good for recording and editing. If you just want to record, you can use movie player or the voice recorder on your iphone. You can also buy an app to record your skype conversations. This will come in handy when you interview somebody for your next podcast.

So what can you podcast about? Most podcasts I listen to are about online marketing and social media. Here’s a great blog post with my favourite podcasts I listen to. Most of these podcasts are interviews with industry experts. You can also interview clients. A great way to strengthen your relationships. Or you can podcast about tips or tools. Often podcasters combine interviews with tools and tips.

All in all, a great and fun way to build your online reputation and to ignite your content creation. Are you already podcasting? Why don’t you share this with us in the comment section.