Social recruiting - turning the middle man into the missing link

Social recruiting – turning the middle man into the missing link

I am regularly contacted by recruiters who have found my CV somewhere on the web and ask if I am interested in a certain position. My standard response is always: “What am I currently doing according my CV” and “have you visited my Linkedin profile”? And 8 out of 10 times they respond that I am currently doing I role I did 5 years ago, and that they have not visited my Linkedin profile.

My next question is: “why haven’t you taken the time to check me out before you called me so at least you sound prepared”. By then the recruiter is too embarrassed and hangs up. Welcome to the world of the middle man. Recruiters as sales people on high call targets to make their quota and get their commission. Recruitment agencies that work like this are doomed to disappear. It is a well know fact that the middle man is being eliminated in the online world. The transaction now takes place directly between the seller and the buyer. Look at what happened to blockbuster video. Companies that need to fill new positions now recruit directly through Linkedin. Eliminating the fees they have to pay recruitment agencies.

Some recruitment agencies are changing. Roc Search is one of them. Listen to the interview I have with Andrew Mace, Director of Innovation (or Director of “Stuff” he call himself) in this week’s podcast episode of the Social Media Playmaker. Key points he highlights:

  • Social Recruiters are adding value to their customers.
  • How content plays a key role in how social recruiters are becoming an expert in their field.
  • Social Recruiters need to be agile and respond quickly to opportunities
  • Video is the new “link bait” to get the attention from the client or the candidate

Listen to the full podcast to get all the details.

In the podcast, we make reference to two online social media tools. Here are the links: