Social Media Explained - Video blog episode 3

Social Media Explained – Video blog episode 3

Social Media Explained – In today’s video blog I talk about my book “FLIRTONOMICS, How to Attract, Date and Love your Customers on Social Media”. For all those people who attended my workshops last year and for all those people who will do so this year, this is a must-read. In stead of having to sift through all the slides of my workshops, you can now read about what I presented at the time and place you want, and on the device that you want. Order the book as a paperback ( or as an electronic book (Kindle edition) and get my latest knowledge about how our FLIRT approach can help you implementing your social media to successfully grow your business.

FLIRT is our acronym that gives you 5 simple steps to socialise your business. 5 steps to go through to implement social media to successfully grow your business.

In this book we will teach you how to flirt. How to apply each step to your business and what tools are available to help you in each step.

Here’s a quick rundown of what FLIRT stands for:

The F is for Focus. This is the starting point of your social media. Why are you using social media? What are your objectives? Who are you targeting? What is your positioning? What are the keywords of your business?

The L is for Listen. Online listening is a vital component of your social media. Some people use social media just to listen. Other people listen online to make sure the content they share resonates with their followers.

The I is for Integration. If you know where your clients hang out, obviously, you want to be there as well. So you’re going to set up your own social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest or Instagram.

The R is for Reaching Out. This is a vital part of your social media. Being on social media networks doesn’t do the trick. You need to drive people to your social media sites through sharing good content.

The T is for Track. Measuring your social media. Are you achieving your objectives? Are you growing your communities? What content works and what doesn’t. How much traffic are you getting to your sites, how much engagement is there on your sites?

Go to my website to buy the book or download a free version of the eBook here.