Social Media Essentials


Social Media Essentials – An introduction to social media and how to use it for business.

This 2-day training course is aimed at providing people and businesses with the tools and resources to implement today’s latest social and digital strategies effectively and profitably. This course is a perfect fit those who are serious about using social media to attract new business, improve brand awareness or increase customer service.

Who is this course for?
Anyone interested in learning how to leverage social media to grow their business. This class is perfect for anyone who works in marketing or management who would like to learn how to use social media to increase sales, develop your online reputation, improve customer service or to become recognised as experts in their market.

What you will learn
Social Media Introduction – Getting an overview of the current social media landscape/ channels, introduction to the convergence of Social – Local – Mobile (SOLOMO) and (local/industry) social media trends.

Social Media Strategy – Learn about different types of social media objectives, how to define measurable targets, and how your brand type influences your social media strategy and plan.

Facebook – Understanding how to use Facebook for Business using Facebook Groups, Facebook Page, Facebook apps. Learning about different Facebook apps on mobile. Facebook video and messenger.

Linkedin – Learn about the Social Selling Index, how to optimise your personal profile, and how to use Linkedin to manage your personal business network. Learning about different Linkedin apps on mobile. Linkedin video and messenger.

Twitter – Learning about the basics of Twitter, hashtags, lists etc. Understanding how Twitter can seriously damage a brand reputation.

Visual Social Networks – Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat – Learning about how to use video for Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and other social networks and how to develop video as the anchor of your social media strategy. Learning how photos and videos can be used on Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest to build communities and engagement for businesses.

Reaching out/Content – Focus on reaching out on social media – Importance of blogging and how to share your own content. Including overview of content syndication, directories, repurposing of content, mobile sharing.

Social Media Analytics – How to measure your social media success? Measuring activities, engagement and ROI. How to measure your online reputation