Why NASA is one of the world's best social media implementations

Why NASA is one of the world’s best social media implementations

When you analyse social media case studies on the internet, one of them clearly stands out on volume, content and engagement: NASA, The National Space Agency in the USA. What started in NASA as a small, nebulous social media initiative, has now grown to a global social media footprint with close to 500 social media accounts, 2 full time social media managers, 10 NASA centers each with their own social media leaders and 100+ account managers across the organisation responsible for content and engagement. NASA’s social media strategy is based on the following principles:

1. Give everybody and everything in NASA a voice on social media. This includes astronauts and spacelanders.



2. Pictures and videos grab more eyeballs. NASA is all about visual content. And they understand that better than anybody else. No surprise that their social media content is based on visual content.

3. Create friendship between followers and employees. Engagement occurs between people. And not between a company and its followers. In NASA, followers can connect with everybody. Including astronauts and engineers.



Truly inspiring strategy. Check NASA’s social media portal on their web site for more information on their strategy and social media footprint. In the next blog post we will explore NASA’s social media a bit deeper. Do you want to share any good case studies, please do so in the comment section.