Launching The all new "Social Media Playmaker" Podcast

Launching The all new “Social Media Playmaker” Podcast

Today is a day to remember. The official launch of my new podcast. The Social Media Playmaker – The podcast for business people who want to stay up to date on how to attract, date and love their customers on social media. I’m so excited about this. It’s a new way for me to share my experience with my followers. But the good thing about is that it is a great ignition for additional content that you can create on the back of your podcast. I can turn it in a video. It is supported with a blog (show notes) and on top of that, nowadays podcasts are so easy to discover on your smartphone.

Each podcast episode will have some recurring items. An important one is the “discovery of the month”. In this section I will talk about an exciting tool I discovered on the web that helps me in being more efficient in running my own social media. Each podcast will also have an interview with an industry specialist, a client or anybody else I think has a relevant story to tell.

The tools I use for producing my podcast are market leading tools like audacity for sound production and Soundcloud for hosting and distribution. And then of course there is the equipment you need. Quality of sound is key and I will dedicate a separate video blog to this topic.

So why wait…. Go to your iPhone, open the Podcast app and search for The Social Media Playmaker Podcast. And listen in. Feel free to sign up to receive updates automatically and if you have any comments, add them to the comments.

Are you podcasting yet?