Cool Social Media Case Studies - Canon EOS Photochains

Cool Social Media Case Studies – Canon EOS Photochains

I came across a fantastic social media case study recently. Canon’s Australia photochain campaign. A really innovative a campaign that covers all three C’s of Social Media. It’s about Content, generated by the users, its about Community, a dedicated Photochain community. And it’s about Campaigns. This campaign had an objective, a target and measurable results.

Check out the video first:

As you can see, it has all the aspects of great social media. It is a creative concept, people can create their own content and then connect with other photographers to share and discuss their photochains. You don’t need Facebook to develop your social network. you can create your own social network. There are plenty of tools out there that allow you to create your own social network on steroids (i.e.

So what were the results of this campaign: Photochains has created a new way for photographers to connect through photography, as well as a new dialogue between Canon EOS and the photographic community. Here are some numbers:

  • 94 photos uploaded every day since launch, which is 4 photos an hour
  • 12 minutes average time on website
  • Over 20,000 photos uploaded from around Australia to date
  • Canon EOS has risen to a record 67% market share in Australia since launch

As you can see, it works. As long as you stand out from the crowd and set up the right processes in place to support the programme and measure the successes.