5 ways to make your CV go viral

5 ways to make your CV go viral

Did you know that Google last year introduced a change to its search results ranking algorithm and as a result “thin” content sites are being ranked lower in Google search engine results? Because of this, its even more important that you focus on generating valuable content that you can share and repurpose on social networks. To show you how easy it is to do this, here are 5 simple ways to repurpose your CV so you can spread it virally across different social media networks.

Currently, your CV is probably a word document. You might have uploaded your CV on various job sites but that doesn’t help you in spreading your profile. The trick is to repurpose the content so it fits the community and the prefered medium of the social networks.

Linkedin profile
Your Linkedin profile is probably the best place to present your CV to your existing business contacts. Don’t copy your CV. Instead, change it into a conversational profile description, with a concise overview of your work history. The added benefit of Linkedin is that it allows you to add references. And Linkedin now also has the added functionality to add your skills. They will show up as tags in your public profile. To see my linkedin profile, click here.



As I mentioned in one of my earlier blogposts about Infographics, Vizualize.me is a great tool to make an Infographic of your Linkedin profile. Just go to vizualize.me, link it with your Linkedin id, and it will create your personal infographic. The link will be permanent so instead of emailing your CV to companies, you can send them a link to your personal Infographic. How cool is that to be different. To see my personal infographic of my Linkedin profile, click here.


Video CV
As well as “punishing” thin content sites, Google rewards sites with video on it. Videos and photos are key drivers to make content viral. So why not make a video version of your CV. With today’s smart phones you can make simple videos and upload them straight on Youtube or Vimeo. You no longer need to spend lots of money to have your own video produced. As long as you make it different, unique or educational. Don’t read out your CV on your video. Do something out-of-the-box. Check my personal Video CV where I decided to put my CV in a blender to create the perfect Marc Campman social media mix. To see my Video CV on Youtube, click here.


Now, here’s a little social media gem. Maybe you know it exists, but you may be underestimating the viral power of it. Slideshare is a social network where 1000s of people share 1000s of presentations. Many people use this for business research and for promoting their business ideas. So why not transform your CV into a set of 10 Powerpoint slides and put them on Slideshare. To see my Visual Resume presentation on Slideshare, click here.


Seeing is often better than believing. You can write about your skills, but you can also show them. Tumblr is a micro blog which lends itself extremely well for photo, image and video blogging. So this is the fifth place to repurpose your CV. Not as text, but as graphics. Put your vizualize.me on this, your Video CV, showcase work you’ve done for your clients. Tumblr is not about creating lengthy blog posts. Its about posting creative thoughts, pieces, artwork, videos or any other creation. To see some of my work presented on my Tumblr blog, click here.


5 simple ways to repurpose your CV. Can’t get any easier than this. You multiply your presence on the web and you promote yourself in a unique way. If you still have doubts about the importance of content and repurposing it, you might want to check this excellent Infographic about the content marketing explosion.

If you have any interesting CV content you like to share, please comment on this blog post.