5 reasons why I love sharing content through ContentDJ

5 reasons why I love sharing content through ContentDJ

For months now I’ve been searching for the “perfect” content scheduling platform that includes a post scheduler as well as a content calendar with my scheduled posts. None of the tools I looked at came close to what I was looking for. Each tool delivered one or two specific functionalities. But none delivered the full monty. Until I found ContentDJ. A great platform that does it all. Do read on if you want to find out my top 5 reasons why I love ContentDJ.

In my search for the perfect solution I’ve been using various tools. I started with Hootsuite. A simple and cheap scheduling tool, but somehow I struggled with the interface and the analytics side of it. I then moved to Sprout Social. A good tool particularly if you want to manage multiple accounts. Another good tool is BufferApp. With BufferApp I experienced the power of publishing your content to a predetermined schedule. You just fill the buffer and Bufferapp sends it our as per the schedule and will do so until your buffer is empty. But none of these tools included a content calendar. A simple calendar that shows you in one view the posts you have scheduled for the coming week or weeks.


And then I found ContentDJ. The best in-class content curation software according to ContentDJ. It sources content for you, it allows you to publish this curated content or your own content, it manages your social media editorial calendar and it tracks the performance of your content over time. For me ContentDJ offers the best combination of the best features of all the other platforms. So here are the 5 reasons why I love ContentDJ:

1. Content Curation - By defining key hashtags ContentDJ will curate the best related content for you which you can then share directly across your Twitter, Facebook page or Linkedin or schedule it according your weekly publication schedule. This works extremely well and what I particularly like is the quality and diversity of the content being sourced. The ContentDJ mobile app makes the curation even easier.

2. Content Calendar - In your publishing schedule you set fixed times for the posts to go out on your social networks (currently Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin). Next, you fill the calendar with content from the curation module or with your own content. This works like Bufferapp. But then you can see the schedule come to live in the Calendar. In the calendar you can even add notes to each day (like today is “pancake day”). I love this calendar feature because it gives me a helicopter view of my social media outreach.


3. Remix your best content into a newsletter - This is a killer feature of ContentDJ. It will keep track of your posts and it will enable you to republish your posts as a blogpost on your self hosted WordPress blog or even as a newsletter through Mailchimp. However, you need to upgrade to the Agency plan to access this functionality.

4. Reshare your wordpress blogposts - ContentDJ clearly understands the social media publishing game. More and more people know that to gain maximum exposure you have to share your content multiple times, at different times. By offering full integration with your self-hosted WordPress blog, ContentDJ allows you to republish your blog posts with a simple click of a button.

5. Manage multiple accounts - When you’re an agency, you need to be able to manage multiple social media accounts. ContentDJ allows you set up a different profile group for each customer. Each profile group has its own hashtags, social media accounts, publication schedule, content calendar and analytics. You can add profile groups at a set cost per group or you can upgrade to the Agency plan which gives you up to 10 profile groups.

So what’s the verdict? ContentDJ has all the features that I need and if offers even more (blog integration, remix your content). The interface is extremely simple and very intuitive. It’s a winner as far as I’m concerned and as long as they stay on the ball, I’m sure they will gain market share. I have to be honest to mention that there are a few negatives as well. First, the tool is not the cheapest tool out there. It’s more expensive than most of the other tools I used before. This is a risky strategy from ContentDJ. Particularly since they are a less established platform then some of their competitors. Second, there were a few bugs when I signed up. I couldn’t create an account to begin with, and then I couldn’t connect my Linkedin profile. But I have to say; the CEO of the company contacted me personally and made sure my issues were sorted straight away.

So my advise to you… Have a look at ContentDJ and try it out for free for a couple of weeks. Experience yourself what the tool can do for you. And if you want to start using it, let me know because they have a referral scheme through which we can both get a reward when you sign up. Do you have experience with ContentDJ or do use a tool with similar features? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section.