3 invaluable tips on how to use social bookmarking


Social bookmarking is an effective way for promoting your website or your blog. It can help you in saving links, sharing links with others, conducting research and generating traffic to your site. Its a powerful social media tool to improve your SEO. Here’s a great infographic with all the ins and outs of social bookmarking. Read this blog post to get a better understanding of how to get real benefit from social bookmarking.

The process of social bookmarking is to bookmark a website or web page of your interest on a social bookmarking site such as Digg or Delicious. Social bookmarking sites are meta resources that help you to catalog and organise the vast amount of resources that can be found on the web from web pages to pictures to videos and more.

Social Bookmarking brings people to your website, creates a link in major search engines to your web pages and your friends can get valuable information. In addition to all of this, you can promote your expertise, spread news, etc within a very short period of time. It’s a website promotion method that is effective and can be done with limited effort.

Here are 3 practical tips to be effective with Social Bookmarking:

Tip 1: You can bookmark the web pages of your site. By using tags, you set the keywords for which you like your bookmarked pages to be found. When others search for that keyword inside that social bookmarking site, they can find the link to your web pages. It’s essential to share your own links sparingly, in order to appear neither as a social bookmarking abuser nor as a spammer.

Tip 2: Add a bookmarking “tag cloud” to your site. With bookmarking, you save bookmarks to blog posts, articles and web pages (including your own). You tag them wіth a keyword, related to the subject and your business. You can then add a “tag cloud” to your website. Thе tag cloud contains the tags you have created and directs users to the bookmarks you have saved for that tag.

Tip 3: Use a variety of bookmarking sites. When you start your campaign, it is very important to use a variety of bookmarking sites. The more sites are used, the better. Most such bookmarking sites are very popular with search engines. Iff your site gets high rankings at one of them, Search engines like Google will certainly do the same. Besides, you will have more backlinks and they will be diverse, which improves visibility of your sites to search engines. Here is a recent list of popular social bookmarking sites to check out. These are some big ones: Digg, Reddit, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Mixx, Yahoo Buzz.

What are your Thoughts on Social Bookmarking?

Do you use social bookmarking? What other innovative uses can you think of for saving and sharing bookmarks? Leave your comments in the box below.